Creative based in Reno-Tahoe

Creative based in Reno-Tahoe

Designing beautiful experiences for over 15 years while managing creative teams.

Currently Sr. Creative Program Manager at Tesla.



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Organizational Design

Program Management

Art Direction

Organizational Design


Design Systems




Remove the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Remove the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.


My name is Mikolaj Walczuk, but everyone knows me as Miko. Pocahontas' faithful racoon Meeko is my namesake, but we can talk about that story over coffee.

As the eldest child of an all-American athlete turned professional performance artist father and Polish painter mother, it has always been my disposition to see the world a bit differently. Bringing to the table an eclectic palette of creative skill developed through an international upbringing has allowed me to navigate a multitude of diverse environments. Growing up in lovely Hawaii Nei, learning to speak Japanese fluently while living in Asia, and most recently enjoying the ski life in Lake Tahoe has continued to both inspire and support my studies of the visual arts. I have dual citizenship to the US and EU so I am able to work from more locations.



Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Emotional Intelligence and your Career

Tesla, Inc.
Design Principles — Learning How to See
The Tesla Brand and Guidelines of Use

I am a creative lead with a first principles approach to program management. Holistic design systems and sustainable-driven techniques allow diverse teams to be on the same page all while championing the creative process. Experience managing and mentoring design teams within organizations enables me to connect the dots between designers, developers, managers and executives. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I would love to start a conversation.




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